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A good water treatment system is essential to living a healthy life. Your water treatment system cleans your water supply of contaminants and makes it healthy for consumption. It’s important to understand the warning signs that tell you it’s time for repair. Call a water treatment professional when you see the indicators of trouble.

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Signs There Are Problems with Your Water Treatment System

The appearance of your water is a great place to start. When you pull the tap to get a drink, are you noticing that the water is a little cloudy? That can be a warning sign. Water that is murky or tinged with color is offering you more than a warning sign — it’s crying for help. 

Your taste buds and sense of smell can also pick up problems with the water. Any odor that seems unnatural is a cause for concern. If there is a rotten egg smell, the problem could be more serious than water treatment — you may need gas line plumbing repair. But any smell is unnatural with water. 

If the water has a taste that’s salty or bitter, that’s another warning sign. A metallic taste is another notable problem that can point to the need for water treatment work. 

The visible signs of water treatment problems aren’t limited to looking at what comes out of the tap. It can show up in your clothes after a run through the washing machine. Are you seeing stains that can’t be explained by other means? You’ve separated the whites and the colors appropriately, and yet your clothes are still getting messed up in the wash. Water treatment issues could be the reason. 

More signs can appear when you’re in the shower. Do you notice oil or grease stains on standing water? It’s certainly not normal, and the water treatment system will need to be looked at. The same goes for any crusty white buildup that appears in places where you use water, from the sink to a showerhead. 

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How to Protect Your Water Treatment System

The sooner you give us a call, the more efficient the repair work can be, but the best solution is always prevention. That starts with understanding the specific requirements of your system. Some water treatments require salt on a regular basis. Others will need carbon replaced periodically. The changing of filter cartridges is a step many homeowners may be able to take on their own.

None of these steps mean your water treatment system will last forever, but prevention measures can mitigate problems and extend the life of the system. Scheduling an annual inspection is a cost-efficient way to catch problems as soon as possible. 

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